Subclass 475 - Regional Sponsored Visa

Subclass 475 is a regionally tied Visa. It is like a combination of the Relative or Government Agency sponsored 176 visa and the 119 / 857 Regional Scheme. Not ideal, especially for contractors as it's quite limiting.

The major facts about the 475 work permit are:
- It lasts for 3 years after which it leads to an application for permanent residency of Australia.
- The criteria for qualifying are the same as the 176, but lower than the 175 skilled migration visa.
- You need to show qualifications in one of the skilled occupations on the Skilled Occupation List.
- You have to be sponsored by a Government Agency of an Australian State or Territory OR an eligible relative can sponsor like the 176 - but the relative must be living in a designated area of Australia.
- During the 3 years of the 475 Visa you must live for at least 2 years in a Specified Regional Area and for 1 of those years you must be working in that same Specified Regional Area.
- Its possible you can extend your visa if you need extra time to meet the residence or employment criteria that will help you make an application for permanent residency of Australia.
- Note that your accompanying secondary applicants (spouse, dependent children or dependent relatives) can work and study, but only in the Specified Regional Area of Australia.

Check whether you qualify for the Subclass 475 - Regional Sponsored Provisional Visa on the Australian Department of Immigration Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Visa Subclass 475 Calculator. (let's hope they don't make that name any longer!!)

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