Migration Occupations In Demand List

This list is regularly update and you should always check with the official Migration Occupations In Demand List on the Department of Immigration website to ensure the information is accurate. Here is the list as of June 2009 but a review takes place twice a year.

You should be aware that typically for employers and especially for Contractor Management Companies of Professional Employer Organizations they will be restricted to sponsorship under certain categories (e.g. only Professionals ASCO codes starting with 2)


Managers and Administrators - ASCO code 1

Professionals - ASCO code 2

Associate Professionals - ASCO Code 3

Trades Persons - ASCO Code 4

Of course be aware that this is only a government list of the current skills shortage and whilst it forms the basis of 457 visa sponsorship it isn't always 100% accurate in terms of immediate and long term employment shortages. Even if your exact skill doesn't appear our partner can often still get you a sponsored 457 visa through a labour market test. Let us know your situation and we'll help you any way we can.

For example we're always getting requests from recruiters and clients for Computing / IT Contractors, Investment Bankers, Financial Services Professionals, Telecoms Contractors, Energy workers and Engineers.

Client comment

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