Health and Character Requirements for Australian Migration

This is a blanket criteria - it covers ALL migration types to Australia including
Work Permits or 457 sponsored visa, the 417 working holiday maker visa, the 462 working holiday visa, and 119 / 857 Regional Migration Scheme visa's, and General Skilled Migration to Australia (subclasses 175 / 176 / 475 / 476 / 487 / 495 / 496 / 887).

Almost all visa's and work permits that lead to Permanent Visas and then to Permanent Residency will require a health examination. The individual applicant will have to pay for this. You shouldn't take the health examination before you make an application for a visa, the relevant department or visa application process will instruct you if its required and when / where you should do it.

For Permanent Visa's it can be quite tricky as your whole family must satisfy this requirement. Due to the fear that you may move to Australia and then need to bring a dependant over who will be a burden to the health system ALL your immediate family including dependant children must meet the health criteria.

For Temporary Visa's it depends on where you've come from, how long you plan to stay and what you will do when you are in Australia. You'll definitely need to have a health exam if you're over 70 years of age, known to be ill, going to be dealing with children in a classroom environment or likely to be visiting a hospital of health care facility (in any capacity). The Department of Immigration publish a booklet with more information on Health Requirements for Temporary entry into Australia.

There is alot more information on health examinations and the health requirements for temporary and permanent visas to Australia on the Health Requirement section of the Department of Immigration website.

As long as you don't have a criminal record and you aren't trying to cause trouble you should be fine in this area.

Typically this is only asked for when you are applying from within Australia. If your application is made outside Australia it will be asked for only in exceptional circumstances. Of course its very hard to gather these certificates from other countries whilst you are in Australia so its good to prepare them before coming to Australia - just in case you want to go for Australian permanent residency

To pass the Character Test you must NOT meet any of the following criteria:
- having a substantial criminal record (e.g. any prison term of 12 months or more, imprisonment from any separate instances where to total time of incarceration exceeds 2 years, any acquittals based on unsoundness of mind or insanity)
- a current or previous association with an individual, organisation or group suspected of criminal conduct
- current and/or previous general conduct which suggests you are not of good character
- current and/or previous criminal conduct which suggest you are not of good character
- a perceived significant risk that you will engage in criminal conduct in Australia, stalk / harass / molest or intimidate anyone in Australia, incite discord, vilify or endanger any section of the Australian community

You may be required to provide police certificates covering you for the last 10 years of your life (since turning 16 years of age). So if you're 24, you only have to show 8 years of certificates. These certificates should cover each country that you lived in during this time - provided you lived in that country for more than 12 months.

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