Employer Nominated Scheme - subclass 121/856

Subclass 121/856 -Employer Nominated Scheme
Employers can sponsor a foreign employee for a permanent working visa for Australia under this scheme. They employees can be in Australia or overseas. They become Australian Permanent Residents with all the related benefits. The basic criteria are the position should be full-time, permanent and lasting at least 3 years. The individual must be employed under the appropriate Australian industrial working conditions and awards. The position must be on the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List and above the listed ENS minimum salary level for the position.

Sounds great! Well it is a good visa, although not very helpful for Contracting due to the position needing to last 3 years. The other difficulty with the ENS scheme is in order to qualify straight off you need to be:
- under 45 years of age
- meet minimum health and character requirements for applicant and all dependent family members
- assessed by a relevant skills assessing body as having suitable skills for the ENSOL shortlist
- be earning over $165 000 per annum in a senior executive position. Note this salary requirement excludes bonuses, allowances and superannuation.
- have worked in Australia for at least 2 years full time on Subclass 418, 421, 422, 428, 444, 457 business sponsored visa or 461 temporary residence visa. This 2 year period must be immediately before the application for subclass 121/856 ENS is made, and you must have spent at least the previous 12 months with the employer who is sponsoring you for ENS.

Additionally for the sponsoring position you must meet a minimum salary criteria. This salary is calculated on your Annual Gross Pay As You Go (PAYG) Salary and doesn't include any benefits or allowances like LAFHA, relocation, bonuses or commissions, superannuation, shares, vehicles, health insurance, etc. Make sure if you're under a 457 Work Visa that your employer is paying you enough of a direct salary to qualify you for Subclass 121/856 ENS if you wish to get it.

The salary levels are
* $59,477 for the following occupations:
o 1224-11 Information Technology Manager
o 2231-11 Systems Manager
o 2231-13 Systems Designer
o 2231-15 Software Designer
o 2231-17 Applications and Analyst Programmer
o 2231-19 Systems Programmer
o 2231-21 Computer Systems Auditor
o 2231-79 Computing Professionals (not elsewhere classified)
* $43,440 for all other gazetted occupations.

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