I want to move to Australia'

I'm looking to move to Australia. Am a Networking specialist from Canada with 10 years experience working in data centers and SAN. What are the opportunities like for a freelancer? Is it easy to find work?
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As a starting point its always best to look on the major job search sites before you come - try
as a starting point. This will give you a pretty good idea of what employment opportunities are available for you, how much you're likely to earn, etc.

Then you will need to either
- qualify for Permanent Migration
- get a Working Holiday Visa
- get a Sponsored 457 Permit/a>

Our partners assist with 457 visa sponsorship for Contract workers and if you don't qualify for an immediate permanent migration visa or working holiday then the 457 is the fastest and simplest solution. Crucially it is easy to move from it to any other visa once you are in Australia.

emigrate to australiaAlso we have immigration partners to assist with permanent migration or working holiday applications (although the working holiday application is pretty easy and you should be able to do it by yourself!). Just tell us what you need to know!