Umbrella Companies who sponsor Contractors to work in Australia

Amongst our partners in Australia we have 3 umbrella companies who are licensed to sponsor contractors for 457 visas. This gives them the right to work in Australia as a contractor whilst maintaining a single "master employer" - the management company. These companies have gone to considerable effort and expense to get approved for a Labour Hire Agreement from the Department of Immigration which allows them to sponsor a defined number of employees from an agreed list of occupations.
The umbrella company must sign a contract direct with the end client (i.e. the client where the contractor will actually be working) - this is a requirement of the Labour Hire process. The technical term is "on-hire" which means the umbrella company employs the contractor but actually supplies their services on to an end client. Because the end client must be named in the contract the contractor must have a confirmed job offer prior to the sponsorship process starting.
Our umbrella company partners in Australia charge a management fee for any contractors they sponsor and on-hire. Because their sponsorship slots are limited, they prioritise contractors who will give them a return on their investment. Our partners generally won't consider anyone whose contract is for less than 6 months, unless there is a strong probability of extension or the daily rate is very high.
The Labour Hire Agreement also sets minimum salary levels for each listed occupation. This is to ensure that foreign workers aren't brought into Australia and paid less than the market rate, undercutting local workers. In general if the contractor is on $400+ per day then their earnings will be sufficient to meet this criteria.
Lastly 457 holders must meet minimum levels or experience or education. A contractor will need at least 5 years work experience or a relevant university degree to be eligible for 457 sponsorship.
So if you are asking yourself "Can I get sponsorship with an umbrella company in australia?" the answer is yes, provided you meet the criteria above!

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