The Risks for Contractors of Operating as a Limited Company in Foreign Countries

Independent contractors have choices when it comes to selecting a form of business structure, and one of those is operating as a ‘limited company’ when working for clients. 

Will Your Contract Get Extended? – 4 Ways to Find Out

Independent contractors have a few advantages over employees when it comes to predicting the longevity of their engagement.  In most cases, you will have a contract

Contracting via an Umbrella Company: Pros and Cons

As an independent contractor you will have to weigh the pros and cons of different ways to contract with clients, get paid and handle tax and social contributions.  This is one of the realities [...]

LIMOSA Declaration: A Guide for International Contractors Working in Belgium

Foreign contractors planning to work as self-employed in Belgium are required to submit a LIMOSA declaration before starting their contract.  Several contractors that we assist

Looking to Contract in Australia? A Guide to Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Subclass 482 Visa

If you are an independent contractor who wants to work in Australia, then you will need a visa.  The Australian work visa changed last year from the 457 visa, to the new TSS visa

Selecting the Best Umbrella Company: 5 Questions Every Contractor Should Ask

One of the best solutions for contractors who need assistance setting up their client projects is an umbrella company.  The umbrella company acts as a third party between you

Contracting in Japan: A Guide for International Contractors

Independent contractors planning to work in Japan will want to review the conditions and rules for contracting in that popular Asian business destination.  Japan’s culture influences

Contracting in France: A Guide for International Contractors

France continues to be a popular country for international contractors seeking new clients and projects, and EU citizens will find that there are several options for setting up your

Contracting in Canada: A Guide for International Independent Contractors

Canada is emerging as a country with numerous work opportunities in many different professions.  This is especially true for contractors who are willing to relocate and offer

Contracting in Belgium: A Guide for International Contractors

Belgium is an attractive location for contractors in the EU, and has the advantage of easy access and a special expat tax rate if your income is above a certain amount.

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