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We Sponsor Contractor Tier 2s. Apply now for a Free Assessment. Our partners are UK Companies that provide sponsorship for Tier 2s.

Do you work in IT / Finance / Engineering / Telecommunications?

We have a toolkit to help you find a UK contract and we’re giving it to you for FREE.


We help Contractors get Sponsored in the UK

  • 9000+ Tier 2 Visas Available Now
  • Fill the form for more information about Tier 2 Sponsor UK
  • Apply today and we will give you the UK Contract Job Search Toolkit for FREE!
  • Direct path to Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • If you already have a visa and want to change work permit sponsor it can take just 2 weeks

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Did you know:
Over the last quarter the average rate for UK contractors increased to £31.25 per hour. Why? One big reason is increased regulation and compliance for UK Banks and insurance firms. More regulation = new IT systems = lots of contracts in the UK for IT consultants with experience in financial services!
Now is a great time to get a Tier 2:
There are more than 9000 Tier 2 work permits available right now and the UKBA have approved EVERY sponsorship application since April 2011. Our partners are registered UK Companies that Sponsor Tier 2s and can process a new application in just 2 weeks (max 6 weeks). Even better - if you are on a Tier 1 (HSMP) or Tier 2 (ICT) visa we can process your application in-country. This means you don’t have to leave the United Kingdom to activate your new visa!

Ask us for Free Information on UK Tier 2 Sponsor.
All you need to get sponsored by one of our partners is a contract for 3 months or more that pays at least £250 per day. The permit lasts 3 years and is extendable another 2 years so you can use it to get Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR = British permanent residency). Your sponsor will handle your work permit, invoicing, tax and payment. All you have to do is go to work, fill in your timesheets and watch the money roll in!
You’ll be working in London, earning ££££ and living the life. You can catch the train to Paris for a night OR go to a show in the West End OR fly to Italy for a long weekend OR soak up the galleries and museums and history. Anyway you get the picture… contracting in the UK is a fun adventure!

Sounds easy… so how do you get a contract and get sponsored?

Here’s what you do:
Step 1: Fill in the form to give us your basic details and we'll also send you the toolkit (it’s FREE).
Step 2: We will respond by email giving you advice straight away and possibly asking further questions to make sure its a good match. You can ask us any questions you like (still FREE!) and we'll talk through your options with you. If you like any of the options we suggest then we can introduce you to the providers.
Step 3: Setup an automatic google spreadsheet that will pull in jobs to apply for and recruiters you should register with.
Step 4: Fine tune your CV and covering email
Step 5: Start applying for contract jobs
Step 6: Contact us when you have a contract offer and we can start the sponsorship process.



What You Need To Know

  • Our partner sponsors your UK Tier 2 Work Visa & acts as your umbrella company
  • You choose your end client, rate & duration
  • They handle invoicing and payment
  • You must work in IT / Finance / Engineering / Telco / Energy
  • They will support your claim for permanent residency (Indefinite Leave to Remain)
  • Our advice is free!