Picking the best Congolese Umbrella Company

Umbrella Companies ensure your best possible earnings, a regular cash flow, full compliance with all laws and regulations, and extremely low administrative overhead. You might have concluded (astutely) that working with an Umbrella Company is your best bet for any freelance work outside your home country.

Choosing to work through an Umbrella Company is only your first step, though. Your next task is picking the best Umbrella Company in Congo, according to your own personal situation. Each company has its own standards, fees, services, and specialties. If you’re working with an agency, these considerations become even more complicated.

So what are your options?

How do I find the right Umbrella Company on my own?

The first step is obvious: research.

Which Umbrella Companies offer the most services you’re looking for? Which ones can work with you and your agency? Do the fees outweigh the services?

You’ll need to compare and contrast. This is one of the hardest steps, because there are a lot of variables that are specific to your situation – generally, those won’t be factored into any found information.

After extensive research, you’ll have to contact or meet with your chosen Umbrella Company, which may or may not be represented accurately by its marketing department.

Even if you do your homework and meet with several Umbrella Companies, you could still be unaware of far better options.

How do I find the right Umbrella Company more quickly?

The quickest, most reliable way to find the right company is to seek neutral, third party input.

We’ve worked with numerous Umbrella Companies throughout Congo and specialise in matching contractors with the most appropriate company. We do this for free.

If you’ve already been offered a contract, or are in the process of negotiating one, get in touch. We can listen to your circumstances, figure out your best options, and provide honest feedback. We’ll match you with the perfect company… and get you started with them, as well!

Essentially, Umbrella Companies lessen the hassle of working freelance in Congo; we lessen the hassle of picking the right Umbrella Company and getting started!

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