Picking the best Chinese Umbrella Company

Umbrella Companies ensure your best possible earnings, a regular cash flow, full compliance with all laws and regulations, and extremely low administrative overhead. You might have concluded (astutely) that working with an Umbrella Company is your best bet for any freelance work outside your home country.

However, you still need to select the right Umbrella Company for you.

Selecting an Umbrella Company

There are numerous Umbrella Companies in China, and each one has its own standards, fees, and services. Some of them have services and approaches that benefit some contractors more than others.

For instance, are you working with an agency? It’ll be important to figure out how the agency and Umbrella Company will work together (if they can). You need to know your options so that your cash flow isn’t affected

Finding an Umbrella Company on your own

This route takes a lot of homework. You’ll need to research the different Umbrella Companies in China, weighing the costs and benefits of each one’s fees and services.

Once you get past that, you need to call or meet with the company, which can be time-consuming on its own. Their marketing department might also represent the company in a way that doesn’t pan out in reality.

You can do your own research through websites, other contractors’ experiences, and Umbrella Companies themselves. However, because your experience is dependent on your own specific circumstances, it will be difficult to factor in every variable.

Finding an Umbrella Company through an expert

Even if you pour all your time and energy into researching Umbrella Companies, you might still not find the right one. Your best bet will be impartial feedback from third parties who have worked extensively with many different Umbrella Companies. 

We have worked with Umbrella Companies all over the world, and have an extensive database of Umbrella Companies within China. For free, we listen to your situation and offer honest, simple advice on which companies will suit you best.  

If you’re in the process of securing a contract in China (or have already secured one), get in touch. All of our feedback and services are completely free.

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