UK PAYE Payroll Calculator 2012-13

UK PAYE Payroll Calculator

You can download or use our free UK PAYE Payroll Calculator for 2012-2013 on Google Docs

All you need to do is enter your salary level into the white box and it will automatically calculate your net salary under the PAYE system whilst showing your the tax and employees N.I. deductions. It also has a handy pie chart feature. If you want a version that's easy to edit just click on FILE and then MAKE A COPY to make your own local copy of the google spreadsheet. You can even download it into excel.

You can use this as a template for making your own calculator, you can download it or incorporate it into your spreadsheets... we hope you find it helpful and would love to hear about any useful applications you might find for our free UK Payroll Spreadsheet.

Our calculator was built using the latest Income Tax and National Insurance rates from the HMRC website.

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