Payroll Companies in Iraq

We have a very established partner company in Iraq who can run payroll for expatriate and local contractors. It is particularly important in Iraq to use a trustworthy company because of the attention payments into and out of Iraq attract from banks and financial regulation authorities. We had a number of false starts trying to find a reliable partner. It is a challenging and fluid country to say the least. We are happy to say that we have now found the best Iraqi payroll company.

Our Iraqi payroll provider has a full service range:
- They can handle in-country invoicing, tax calculation & filing, payment in country and outside of Iraq.
- They can assist companies with establishing a local legal entity in Iraq and handle all the administration and compliance for this entity.
- They provide full medical and medivac insurance.
- Lastly they can also sponsor foreign workers for Iqama / Iraqi Work Permits and second them on to client sites anywhere in Iraq. This includes the Kurdistan region, Bahgdad and Basrah.

Management fees vary from 4-15% of payroll depending on the level of service required.

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