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"Thank you for recommending me to the companies who can sponsor me to stay and work in UK. The two companies you recommended called me and took my details. I will make a decision between the two and let you know which company I am going with. I am really glad I got in touch with and I really appreciate the way you responded." Lova, IT Consultant on LinkedIn
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Work Visa Sponsorship England

Do you work in IT / Finance / Engineering / Telecommunications?

UK Work Permits: an overview

A Tier 2 visa (or Work Permit) is one of the broadest UK visa options. It’s also where we can provide the most assistance, particularly if you are looking for consulting work in IT, finance, telecommunications, or engineering.

You need an employer to employ and sponsor you for a Tier 2 visa; your stay in the country is dependent on your role with this employer. The visa lasts for an initial three years and is renewable for a further two.

Starting in April 2011, the UK government has limited these visas to 20,700 per year. The limit doesn’t apply to foreign workers earning more than £150,000 p/a or anyone changing employers in-country.

The good news is every month there are 1725 additional Tier 2 work permits available and the UKBA have approved more than 99% of sponsorship applications since April 2011.

I need a Tier 2 visa: what’s next?

What comes next is dependent on the demand for your skills, your location, and your employment.

Your skills

Unfortunately, we can’t help you find work. Before we can assist you, you need to assess the demand for your skillset in the UK. You should research the market and your chances of getting hired. Once you’ve done thorough research, you can consult our jobseeker toolkit to help you line up a position.

Your location & employment status

I’m currently outside the UK

This is an important consideration because your current location and home country can affect the visa application process and entry clearance procedures.

Equally important is your employment status. If you DO already have a job offer but need a work permit, then the Tier 2 visa is probably your best option. Again, if you aren’t employed, you need to research your options before seeking our services.

  • I’m employed

Again, we can’t help you find work. Make sure you research your prospects and then use our jobseeker toolkit.

  • I’m seeking employment

I’m currently inside the UK

If you’re inside the UK, you’ll already have a visa, but you may be wanting to change to a different visa type like the Tier 2 (General).

  • I’m employed

Are you currently working? If you’ve got a job in the UK, you may be interested in switching Tier 2 sponsors or switching onto a Tier2. Check out our guide on switching here.

You might also be looking into changing to consulting. If you’re considering a role as a consultant (or if you aren’t sure that it’s right for you), be sure to read on or simply jump ahead to our information on consulting.

  • I have a job offer

If you’ve been offered a position (or are currently negotiating one), you’re probably more interested in understanding your sponsorship options. If your offer is for a consulting position, we might be able to help you

Consulting in the UK

The most obvious benefit to consulting is that you’ll often get paid more than double the amount you would get for similar work with the end client directly. On average, consultants working through our partners in the UK make approximately £84,000 per year and stay in the country for about two and a half years.

If you’re considering a high paying project role, how do you accept it without the necessary visa? One of the best ways is to work through a consulting company…

How do consulting companies work?

Sometimes companies need specialists for temporary projects. Since it’s a short-term job, they don’t need to hire a full-time employee. This means they’ll pay a consultant (you) to work on the project. This makes them a “client” rather than an employer, though; clients usually don’t sponsor workers for temporary assignments.

This is where consulting companies come in – they’re an intermediary between you and the client, and can potentially sponsor your Tier 2 work visa.

When you work for a consulting company, they become your employer.

Your next step

If you already have a job offer, get in touch with us now for FREE advice. We’ll contact our UK partners to figure out your best options and, if you give us the green light, we’ll put you in touch with them (all of this is free).

If you’re still looking for a position, sign up for our (also free) jobseeker toolkit

Job seeker toolkit

If you’ve decided that a consulting position is the right avenue for you, you probably want to get started as soon as you can. So what do you do?

Step 1: Fill in this basic form and we’ll send you our jobseeker toolkit (for free!).
Step 2: We will respond by email giving you advice straight away. You can ask us any questions you like (still FREE!) and we'll talk through your options with you. If you like any of the options we suggest then we can introduce you to the consultancy partners.
Step 3: Set up an automatic Google spreadsheet that will pull in jobs to apply for and recruiters you should register with.
Step 4: Fine tune your CV and covering email.
Step 5: Start applying.
Step 6: Contact us when you have an offer.

16 common questions about UK Work Permit Sponsorship:

  1. Can I get a work permit and then go to the UK to look for work? No, all Tier 2 work permits must be sponsored by a UK employer. So once you have a work permit, you have already accepted employment with a UK company. You can enter on a Tier 1 or Tier 5 visa (if you qualify) and find work after you have landed. Note that you are not allowed to use a tourist or business visa to try to find work in the UK. If you enter the UK on a business or tourist visa with the objective of getting a job whilst you are in the UK, you run the risk of being refused entry.
  2. I already have a UK permit, can you help me find work? We are not a recruitment company so this is not our core business but we can direct you to UK recruitment agencies.
  3. I’m already in UK, can I change sponsor? Yes you can. If you’re on a Tier 2 General then you can change sponsors without having to leave the country.
  4. Do I need to be in the UK for the sponsorship process to start? No you don’t. The process can take place with you outside of the country. Only once the Certificate of Sponsorship is issued and you have received Entry Clearance from the UK Consulate in your country of origin do you need to enter the UK to activate your Work Permit.
  5. Can I work for more than one client? Yes you can, you can work for as many clients as you like.
  6. How much will I net after tax? Between 55-65% of your gross earnings depending on your earning rate and your level of claimable expenses.
  7. Can I switch visa?
    • T1 to T2? YES
    • T4 to T2? YES
    • ICT to T2? YES but not if you’re in the UK on a Short Term ICT or if your ICT was issued after April 2011. In both of these cases you need to sit out a 12 month ‘cooling off period’.
  8. Do I have to work full time? Yes
  9. Can I setup my own business whilst on a UK work permit? Yes as long as the role that you’ve been sponsored on remains your ‘primary source of income’.
  10. What professions / job titles can get sponsored? IT, Telco, Finance and Engineering.
  11. Do I need a degree? Not necessarily but it depends on your earning rate, experience and skill set.
  12. How much commercial experience do I need? Generally 7 years or more.
  13. What documentation do I need to supply? Copy of your passport, degree certificates/professional diplomas and copies of your professional references (last 3 years at least)
  14. Can my spouse also work in the UK? Yes
  15. Can my children come with me? Yes
  16. How long will it take? If you are in UK on a Work Permit already it can be as quick as 2 weeks. Otherwise from outside the uk it will take 2-8 weeks but this is dependant on the processing times with UK government and what time of the month your application is made.

Our FREE England Job Search Toolkit includes 5 great tools:

Formatting your CV for the UK market
Including tips for highlighting your strengths

Crafting emails that make you stand out from the crowd
Get noticed by Recruiters

Using google automation to build a list of relevant England recruiters
Target Recruitment Agents specialised in your area

United Kingdom payroll calculator
Estimate your earnings

A list of the most popular jobsites for finding work in England
Easy access to a wide range of jobs

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