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"I wanted to extend my Tier 5 visa but continue to work as a consultant. Contractor Taxation referred me to one of their partners who could sponsor me for a Tier 2 and I continued consulting with my same client. It only took 2 weeks." Jenny W, Business Analyst at a Leading London Investment Bank.

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Transfer from Tier 5

Are you consulting on a Tier 5 in the UK? Do you want to stay longer?

We have multiple partner companies who sponsor consultants for Tier 2 General Work Permits. We provide a free assessment and the transfer can happen in just a few weeks.

As a consultant you should earn more than double the salary of an equivalent permanent employee.

What's the catch?

You need to be working in IT / Finance / Engineering / Telecommunications or Energy for our partners to be able to help you.

Changing from Tier 5 visas to UK Work Permits is quick and easy. You may not even have to leave the country!

This structure offers great flexibility as you get to work through a consultancy. Your sponsor will handle all the administration. All you need to do is go to work and fill in your timesheets just like an consulting company.

Are you one of the thousands of Tier 5 workers who have to go home every year. Do you want to stay in the UK for longer?

We can match you with a consulting company licensed for sponsorship that enables you to stay in the UK as long as you want. There are even possibilities to contract in Europe under the same Work Permit. You get the flexibility of working through a consultancy. You will be paid for every hour that you work and qualify for UK Citizenship when you have been in the country long enough.

If you want us to help you transfer Tier 5 sponsor (our service is totally FREE!)

  1. Fill in our form above. It takes 30 seconds to give your basic details.
  2. We will respond by email giving you advice straight away and possibly asking further questions to make sure we understand your circumstances.
  3. You can ask us any questions you like (still FREE!) and we'll talk through your options with you.
  4. If you like any of the options we suggest then we can introduce you to the provider.

We don't charge you anything for our services.

Guide to Tier 5 Visa Transfers

1. Fill our form

2. We send you a summary of options

3. You decide if you want to go forward.

It's that easy and it doesn't cost you anything!.

Ask us for advice on Transferring your Tier 5.