Visa by Umbrella Companies

Can you help me get a visa with umbrella companies? I want to do Java programmer contracts in England. I have 5 years experience in New Zealand and a Bachelor of Computing Science.

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Yes we can! We have many companies that sponsor contract visas.

Java programmers are on the list of shortage occupations in the UK and so our partners can sponsor suitable candidates for contract work. You will need to earn at least £250 per day and we strongly recommend you assess the market as a first step. You can find links to major UK job sites here, but you should have no difficulty. There are lots of contracts for java developers (as indeed for most roles in information technology).

You can find lots more detail on it under our section on Tier 2 Work Permits for Freelance contractors. We've also got a bunch of answers to common questions we get about work visa contracting in UK.

You can also contact us direct if you'd like more information.