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Financial Management Structures

Financial Management Structures ensure no compliance issues and a guaranteed return of between 80-85% of gross billing irrespective of the level of earnings. These structures are the only HMRC compliant options currently available that can guaranteed this level of remuneration. Enquire Now

Tax for Contractors in UK

These structures are highly recommended to anyone that:

Case Studies

Study 1 - The Consultant:

Mark W, a Business Analyst from the UK, had been living in Germany for 2.5 years as a permanent employee of a German based UK company. He was offered a lucrative 12 month contract with Siemens for 60 Euro’s an hour that he decided to accept. New to contracting and unaware of his payroll structure options in Germany, he contacted

Case Studies

Study 1 - The Consultant:

Richard M, a change management consultant from United Kingdom, was offered a lucrative 12 month assignment in New Delhi working for a consulting company. But neither the recruitment agency based in Bangalore, nor the consulting companies local office were willing to organise a work visa for him and his family.

Tax for Expats in India


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