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Contracting in the Middle East

Interested in a contract in the Middle East?
Have you been offered a contract or freelance job in the UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, Israel, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Egypt or Turkey?
Do you need a Contractor Management Company to sponsor your Work Permit in the Middle East?
Are you looking to legally retain as much of your earnings as possible after tax?

Case Studies

Study 1 - The Consultant:

Dave, a Senior Project Manager (construction) from Australia, was offered a lucrative 18 month assignment in Dubai working for a construction company. However, neither the recruitment agency based in London, nor the construction company’s local office was willing to organize a Dubai Work Permit for Dave and his family.

Residents Return Visa Subclass 155

This visa is for people who have permanent residency of Australia (but NOT citizenship) or for people who are FORMER Australian citizens to re-enter Australia from time overseas. Its valid for 5 year periods and is extendable indefinitely.

Requirements (1 of the following 4):
- You must have spent at least 2 of the last 5 years in Australia as a Australian Permanent Resident

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News, Links, Information

News, Links, Information

News, Links, Information

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