Managers & Administrators - MODL list


Managers and Administrators - ASCO code 1

Child Care Coordinator 1295-11
Engineering Manager 1221-11

If you work in one of these occupations or specialisations then you're eligible for 457 work permit sponsorship for contract or freelance work through a contractor management company in Australia.

Residents Return Visa Subclass 155

This visa is for people who have permanent residency of Australia (but NOT citizenship) or for people who are FORMER Australian citizens to re-enter Australia from time overseas. Its valid for 5 year periods and is extendable indefinitely.

Requirements (1 of the following 4):
- You must have spent at least 2 of the last 5 years in Australia as a Australian Permanent Resident

Regional Australia / Low population growth areas

Work Permits & Immigration

Obtaining a Work Permit in Belgium can be a long and painstaking process. Additionally, as permits are tied to one employer, there are enormous benefits in having your Work Permit Sponsorship held with your Financial Management Company as opposed to recruitment agency or end client. Not least of these is the fact it allows you complete freedom to choose your projects, conditions of assignment and maximise your earning potential.

Our sponsorship partner, unique in Belgium, offers a work permit for contractors. The benefits include:
- full compliance with local immigration laws.

Jobs & Employment

Holland has always been one of the strongest contract job markets in Europe with great opportunities for highly skilled, qualified expatriates. The feedback we get from recruiters is that Information Technology (IT), Banking & Financial Services, Engineering, Telecommunications and Energy are the areas most in demand.

Contracting in Holland


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