International Assignments

International Assignments

This professional area has its own language related to the creation and maintenance of accurate, reliable, compliant, cost effecitve and flexible solutions to support the unique requirements of fixed term International Assignments. This includes

Subclass 476 - Recognised Graduate Temporary Visa

The 476 Visa is only for recent graduates of certain foreign universities. It gives them the chance to get up to 18 months Australian experience in occupations considered in demand. It's not of much use to contractors or freelancers as its a short visa and very specific in terms of who qualifies. You can check whether you qualify on the eligibility calculator here

General Skilled Migration Programme

In general terms for Skilled Migration the basic applicant criteria are:
- over 18 and under 45
- functional English language ability
- recent relevant skilled work experience or a recently completed eligible tertiary qualification.

The first place to check the skilled occupations that qualify is the Australian Department Of Immigration Skilled Occupations List.

The main forms of Skilled Migration for overseas Contract or Freelance workers seeking a work visa for Australia are:

Trades Persons - MODL List


Trades Persons - ASCO code 4
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) 4114-11
Automotive Electrician 4212-11
Baker 4512-11
Binder and Finisher 4913-11
Boat Builder and Repairer 4981-13
Bricklayer 4414-11
Cabinetmaker 4922-11
Carpenter 4411-13
Carpenter and Joiner 4411-11
Cook 4513-11
Drainer 4431-15
Electrical Powerline Tradesperson 4313-11
Electrician (Special Class) 4311-13
Electronic Equipment Tradesperson 4315-11
Fibrous Plasterer 4412-11

Associate Professionals - MODL List


Associate Professionals - ASCO code 3

Chef (excluding Commis Chef) 3322-11 (part)
Dental Technician 3492-15

If you work in one of these occupations or specialisations then you're eligible for 457 work permit sponsorship for contract or freelance work through a contractor management company in Australia.

Professionals - MODL List


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