Case Studies


Study 1 - The Client:

a Dutch company were bidding for a construction project in Bahrain, as part of the bid process they had to provide the name of the company that would sponsor their staff on Bahrain Work Permits/Visas for the duration of the project. They looked into sponsoring their staff directly and then tried to find local companies they could partner with, both to no avail.

Bahrain Contracting

They then came across and we were able, along with our locally based partner company, to provide Bahrain sponsorship and local Bahrain pay-rolling for all of their staff. They then added these details to their bid. They duly won the bid and we now sponsor 18 of their staff on local Bahrain Permits.

Contractor Management in Bahrain


Study 2 – Contractor:

a London based recruitment agent, Nick, had been given a job spec for a contractor to work in Bahrain. The contractor was a German national and would require both Work Permit sponsorship and local pay-rolling for the duration of his contract in Manama. Nick, having dealt with Contractor Taxation for a number of international contract assignments contacted us immediately.

Payroll in Bahrain

We were able to provide him with costs and timeframes for Work Permit sponsorship and he was able to get back to his client immediately with a solution. With our local partner we now sponsor several of Nick’s Bahrain (and Middle East) based contractors on local Work Permits and provide local Bahrain payroll.

Umbrella company in Bahrain

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