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Article from CPA Australia on the shortage of qualified accounting professionals in Australia and the reliance on employers upon the 457 visa to fill those vacancies


457 visa application categories 2007-08

The top 15 Nominated Occupations for Visa Grants to Primary Applicants in 2007-08 were: 4,700 Computing Professionals 3,270 Registered Nurse 2,350 Business and Information Professionals 1,990 General Medical Practitioner 1,360 Chef 1,320 Medical Practitioner In Training 1,310 Applications and Analyst Programmer 1,290 Welder (First Class) 1,260 Specialist Managers 1,190 Civil Engineer 1,140 Project or Program Administrator 1,060 Marketing Specialist 1,030 Motor Mechanic 950 Personnel Consultant 950 Management Consultant