Q&A For Recruiters Placing Contractors In Sweden



We have the most recent costs listed here. Be aware that costs can vary according to the nationality of applicant and factors such as whether they have any dependents. They are largely comprised of government fees, which are also liable to change. It is best to contact us and get you an up to date and accurate cost on Sweden work permits for your particular contractors.

Can we provide business visas in Sweden?

Find out here (the short answer is yes)! The long answer is that it depends on the nationality of the contractor, what they will be doing, and what happens after the business visa runs out. e.g. will you be planning to finish the assignment, extend the business visa, or transfer to a work permit?

Can an individual transfer from a Sweden Business Visa to a Sweden work permit whilst still in country? If they have to leave, do they have to go back to their country of origin or just clear the border?

See the answer here. Note we’ll need to check your case with our local partner to be sure. It can be influenced by the individual’s country of origin and the nature of work they will perform. Generally, if you aren’t able to transfer in country, you need to return to your country of origin.

Can we provide local payroll in Sweden?

Yes, our local partner can run a full local payroll. This includes receiving funds from another local company or a foreign entity, deducting local taxes & social costs, reporting same to the relevant government department and supplying payslips. They can make payment within 24 hours of receiving cleared funds. Go here for further details of how payroll works in Sweden.

What level of local payroll is required when contracting in Sweden?

This depends on what job title and visa status the contractor holds. We ensure that the level of salary is sufficient to meet all regulatory requirements. We have listed the minimum salary for a candidate to get sponsored for a work permit.

What are the tax and social security costs in Sweden?

You can have a look at this page.

What is the total onboarding cost for outsourced employment in Sweden?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to publish figures online because the costs vary according to the circumstances. You can see the management fees here, but there may be other costs like Employers Social Security, Payroll Tax or Withholding Tax. We have a number of local partners who can provide employment outsourcing in Sweden, so you’re assured to get the most competitive price. If you’d like a quote please contact us.

Are there additional taxes that apply in Sweden such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Withholding Tax (WHT)?

This can be influenced by which country your company is incorporated in, as well as the tax laws of Sweden. Sometimes the nature of the work or services provided can also influence whether with-holding tax applies. If you can share some details with us, we can confirm with our local experts.

Are there any foreign nationalities which are problematic when getting visas and permits in Sweden?

There are some nationalities who receive extra scrutiny in Sweden, meaning their applications will take longer and require additional documentation or checks. This is often due to political reasons and can change accordingly. It’s not prudent to say that any nationalities are “out of favour.” Our partners in Sweden haven’t recently experienced problems with citizens of the EU, USA, Canada or Australia. For all other nationalities, it’s best to check the current climate.

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