Work Permits for Employees in Burkina Faso

When planning work on a project in Burkina Faso, one of your biggest barriers will be complying with all immigration regulations. In short, your employee will need to be sponsored for a Work Permit in Burkina Faso. Since you may be facing time restraints or unclear information about the necessary immigration processes, it’s crucial to understand the requirements and processes for securing the proper visa or Work Permit.

Sponsorship for your employees in Burkina Faso

A licensed company needs to sponsor your employee for the project’s duration. The sponsoring company will assume legal responsibility for the employee while they are working in Burkina Faso.

If your company isn’t already locally incorporated and licensed to sponsor foreign workers, you might be facing a significant waiting period before you can sponsor a Work Permit. Particularly if you are looking at a set time limit for a specific project, you should explore other options.

The end client can sometimes sponsor a temporary worker, but they will often need to provide payroll for the sponsored employee. This means your customer will be bankrolling your employee, potentially creating even more complications.

How to organise a Work Permit for your employees in Burkina Faso

If an employee is working on the wrong Business visa or temporary entry visa, your client and assignment can be exposed to a swarm of potential legal and financial liabilities.

The most efficient way to guarantee the right Work Permit for your employees is to use a local management company. Well-versed in Burkina Faso’s immigration processes, the management company will take over any responsibilities relating to your employee’s visa. Most importantly, they will sponsor the employee and assume legal responsibility for them during their time in Burkina Faso.

If you are under specific timeframe constraints, they can potentially organise a Business Visa for your employee, and then help them transition to a proper Work Permit once they are already on-site.

Timeframe for getting a Work Permit in Burkina Faso

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The process for obtaining a Work Permit in Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso Work Permit costs and documentation requirements

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