Brunei Contractor Payroll Services

When trying to place candidates for international assignments, there are numerous administrative barriers and time-consuming hold-ups.

You cut through many of these concerns by using an Umbrella Company, or “contractor management company.” These companies sponsor contractors for Work Permits, assume legal responsibility for them, and provide payroll and tax services. They are essentially an intermediary that manages all employment and administrative tasks for contractors.

Work Permits in Brunei

Your candidate will need a sponsored Work Permit, and they’ll often need it quickly. Since Umbrella Companies operate as the “employer,” they can sponsor Work Permits as if the contractor were a full-time employee.

They can also organise Business Visas for candidates, helping them get on-site faster. Then, they can transition the contractor onto the appropriate Work Permit, eliminating financial or legal risk for your end client.

Taxation in Brunei

Umbrella Companies can provide specialist advice on taxes in Brunei, ensuring that contractors comply with all local regulations. Their services guarantee local compliance and reduce the legal risk for your client and your agency.

Additionally, their specialisation helps maximise contractors’ earnings, making the assignment more attractive for your candidates.

Get started with an Umbrella Company in Brunei

Different Umbrella Companies offer different services and charge different fees, so you’ll need to find the right one for your assignment.

Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you. We have a large database of Umbrella Companies and have worked extensively with our partners. Let us know your circumstance and we can match your candidate with the right company.

We do this for free, and we do it quickly. Call or chat with us, or simply send us your details. 

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